We can train all your employees to be DEAF AWARE®

From 1 to 100, 000 employees, we could train them all in the morning or afternoon.

Our online DEAF AWARE® course is great for personal development for your employees. It will give them an understanding of the Deaf clients or employees that they work with. It creates ripples of awareness which any Deaf person interacting with your business will appreciate. Start talking to us now to see how we can train your employees to be DEAF AWARE®, in a few simple steps.

Onsite Deaf Aware Courses

We can supply our Deaf Aware courses onsite at your location or you could send your team to us. Deaf Aware has never been more fun or educational. Just one day with one of our Gurus and your team will understand Deaf culture, what it means to work with Deaf clients or Employees and what you can do to be more 'Deaf Aware'.


This course will give you an understanding of what it is like being Deaf, what you can do to improve access and equality for Deaf people, we explain about Deaf culture, rights and much more!!

  • Deafness- What is it?

  • Degree of Deafness

  • UK Statistics

  • Deaf Culture

  • Deaf People in a Hearing World

  • Communication Choices

  • Environment

  • Assistive Technology

  • Bridging the Gap

CPD Approved Course

Our Silver (half-day) package will allocate you 3 CPD points and our Gold (full-day) package will allocate you 6 CPD points. Completion of either package includes a certificate of attendance.

Why Positive Signs Training?

We are proud because......

  • Over 20 years experience

    The team at Positive Signs Training has a huge wealth of teaching, training, and assessment experience. There is nothing that we have missed in the world of BSL training and constantly attend CPD training and keep up to date with Signature's qualification specifications.

  • All around the learner

    We believe that all of our tuition, materials, and support revolves around the 'learner' - we are proud to teach them our first language and will ensure that they receive quality teaching and support, nothing less.

  • BSL GURU's

    Our Tutors are Deaf and qualified as we believe that this gives our learners more exposure, guidance, and experience into the world of British Sign Language and it's own community.