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1A St Lawrence Road, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2UN

  • Starting on September 2022

  • 6.30pm to 9.30pm

  • Once a week for 60 weeks

  • Assessment fees included in the price

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What is BSL Level SIX?

You’re on the last leg now, nearing the end of your BSL journey. Feels good, hey? This is where you really deepen and broaden your BSL receptive and productive skills, taking your use of this beautiful and complex language to near-native levels, in both social and professional settings.  

By starting Level SIX, you’re committing to being the best you can be when it comes to communicating with Deaf people. Whether that’s about a niche work area, current affairs, or in a juicy debate on the long-term effect of Covid on both society and the economy. 

Whilst Level SIX is the last level of BSL language training, it doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s the launchpad you need if you want to progress onto becoming a Language Service Professional, opening the doors to training such as Signature’s Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting and Translation.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

You will learn.....

There are four key Learning Outcomes:

  • LO1 - Use receptive and productive skills to engage in all types of complex social interaction.
  • LO2 - Use and understand complex language, and maintain fluency, grammatical accuracy and coherence in sustained contributions containing complex language.
  • LO3 - Understand sustained signed discourse containing complex language.
  • LO4 - Use reference sources to confirm or clarify the meaning of signs.

The learning outcomes are delivered via a wider range of eight set topics, which will broaden your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of BSL grammar, including:

  1. Medicine
  2. Eduation
  3. Employment and Business
  4. Finance
  5. Politics and Law
  6. Society
  7. Media
  8. Science and Technology

Class tuition will involve group sessions, class debates, tutorials, student/tutor observations, presentations and mock assessments leading up to preparation for the assessments.

How will you be assessed?

There are six assessments for Level SIX. The first three are managed and assessed internally by your Teacher Assessor:

1. Informal 1-1 discussion

2. Informal group discussion

3. Formal group meeting

Assessments 1 to 3 must be completed before moving onto the final three, which are set and assessed externally by Signature:

4. Formal discussion

5. Formal presentation

6. Receptive skills exam

Entry Requirements

Just YOU, ready to learn and be prepared to be amazed!

  • Passed BSL Level THREE or FOUR?

    This course is for you!

  • Aiming for a career as a Language Service Professional?

    This course is for you!

  • Pre-Assessment - One of our Gurus will assess you to determine your competence ahead of the BSL Level SIX course

  • To discuss this further or for more information, please email us on

Positive Signs Training is an approved centre with Signature

The UK's leading awarding body for British Sign Language qualifications

Why Positive Signs Training?

We are proud because......

  • Over 20 years experience

    The team at Positive Signs Training has a huge wealth of teaching, training, and assessment experience. There is nothing that we have missed in the world of BSL training and constantly attend CPD training and keep up to date with Signature's qualification specifications.

  • All around the student

    We believe that all of our tuition, materials, and support revolves around YOU', the student - we are proud to teach our students our first language and will ensure that they receive quality teaching and support, nothing less, every step of their journey.

  • Deaf Gurus

    All of our Teachers, our Gurus, are Deaf and are qualified to teach. We believe this gives our students more exposure and experience of the world of British Sign Language, with credible advice and guidance from trained professionals.