BSL Level ONE at the Hub starts soon!

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What are the Units?

  • Unit 101 - Introduction to British Sign Language

  • Unit 102 - Conversational BSL

  • Unit 103 - Communicate in British Sign Language about Everyday Life

What is BSL Level ONE?

Signature’s Level ONE Award in BSL is the foundation of learning British Sign Language, taking you into the world of this beautiful and rich visual language, with its own culture and community. The ideal place to start your BSL journey. 

Positive Signs Training will teach you, support you and encourage you to get to your desired destination for using BSL, whether that’s communicating with a Deaf friend or family member, supporting a Deaf child, becoming a Communication Support Worker or a Registered Sign Language Interpreter … in fact, the list goes on and on!!!

And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

By starting BSL Level ONE, you will gain an understanding of the two key elements of BSL – productive and receptive skills. These are taught via a range of topics that we use in our daily lives and by the end of the course, you will have acquired language that enables you to communicate with Deaf people.

You will learn.....

Unit 101 - Introduction to British Sign Language - Meeting People, Using Numbers, Weather, Transport and Directions.

Unit 102 - Conversational BSL - Describing People, Animals & Objects, Using Numbers, Interests & Activities and Food & Drink.

Unit 103 - Communicate in British Sign Language about everyday life - Getting Around, Sharing Information, Weather and Using Numbers.

Class tuition will involve group sessions, tutorials, student/tutor observations, presentations and mock assessments leading up to preparation for the end of unit assessments.

How will you be assessed?

Unit 101 - a basic conversation between you and your  teacher.

Unit 102 - a conversation between you and your  teacher based on a title supplied by Signature.

Unit 103 - a conversation between you and your teacher based on a title supplied by Signature.

Entry Requirements

No previous skills or experience needed – just YOU, ready to learn and be prepared to be amazed!

  • First time with no experience at all?

    This course is for you!

  • Have some experience and want to expand?

    This course is for you!

  • Want to start a brand new journey?

    This course is for you!

  • To discuss this further or for more information, please email us on [email protected]

Positive Signs Training is an approved centre with Signature

The UK's leading awarding body for British Sign Language qualifications

Why Positive Signs Training?

We are proud because......

  • Over 20 years experience

    The team at Positive Signs Training has a huge wealth of teaching, training, and assessment experience. There is nothing that we have missed in the world of BSL training and constantly attend CPD training and keep up to date with Signature's qualification specifications.

  • All around the student

    We believe that all of our tuition, materials, and support revolves around 'YOU', the student - We are proud to teach our students our first language and will ensure that they receive quality teaching and support, nothing less, on every step of your their journey.

  • Deaf Gurus

    All of our Teachers, our Gurus, are Deaf and are qualified to teach. We believe this gives our students more exposure and experience of the world of British Sign Language, with credible advice and guidance from trained professionals.